Cambodian Community Savings Federation
How we operate   Loans to CBMIFOs

A small loan can be life-changing for many people in our community.

Microfinance is one of our key activities to help alleviate poverty.

CCSF acts as a wholesale lender to CBMIFOs.

The CBMIFOs will use these funds to provide their individual members with access to credit.

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CBMIFOs are local organisations that must manage demand for lending against the deposits they collect.

CCSF provides three types of loans to these organisations:

1 Productive loans are provided to CBMIFOs to re-lend on to individual members for income generation. Most lending in regional Cambodia goes to agriculture, retail trade and production.

2 Institutional loans are provided to CBMIFOs to maintain their offices and other office expenses. The CBMIFO must manage and repay.

3 Liquidity loans are available to CBMIFOs for financial stabilization when there are liquidity issues. It is CCSF’s responsibility to oversee the good governance of the community CBMIFOs and these loans serve as a safety net where a member organization becomes vulnerable.

  Loans to individual members

Access to credit is critical for many Cambodian farmers and shopkeepers, who are coping with seasonal cash flows and need some help to grow their businesses.

CBMIFOs provide three types of loans to individuals:

1 Productive loans help individuals to manage cash flow and grow their business. Our members borrow money to buy things like fertilizer for their crops or stock for their shops.

2 Consumption loans help individuals to purchase a specific item for personal or business use. Our members borrow money to purchase things like a new vehicle or a computer.

3 Emergency loans help individuals when they most need it. Our members borrow money when unexpected events occur, such as damaged crops or family illness.

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