Cambodian Community Savings Federation
How we operate   CBMIFO members

CCSF manages a distribution network of community-based microfinance organisations (CBMIFOs).

The CBMIFOs have individual entrepreneurs who can access financial products and services through their local organisation.



Regular members

A CBMIFO that is mature and financially stable and therefore has voting rights within the Cambodian Community Savings Federation (CCSF).

Affiliate members

A CBMIFO that is young or continues to require significant and intensive financial and technical support from CCSF.

  Individual members

CBMIFOs are owned, managed and controlled by the community. Individuals join the CBMIFO as a shareholder and receive voting rights.

An individual member must purchase a minimum share in their CBMIFO of 5,000 riel (approx $USD 1.25). The regular member can attend AGMs and have their say in how the CBMIFO is managed. Members can be elected to positions of responsibility and governance, including the Board of Directors.

The share capital is also an investment and provides long term returns to the member.

There are currently more than 50,000 individual members across the CBMIFO network.

Cambodian Community Savings Federation