Cambodian Community Savings Federation
How we operate   Savings products

Driving savings behaviour is at the core of CCSF’s strategy and philosophy.

Supporting members to save money is one of our key activities to help alleviate poverty.

CCSF operates as the ‘product manager’ and CBMIFOs acts as the distributor of savings products.

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Three core savings products are available to individual members:

1 Compulsory Savings teaches savings behavior and planning for the future. It is compulsory for members to open this account and deposit a minimum of 1,000 riel every month (approx $USD 0.25) for 12 months. Members receive a good interest rate as an incentive to deposit.

2 Voluntary Savings allows members to withdraw funds at any time. There is no minimum deposit required. It is an essential account for people who face uncertainty or have an uneven cash flow and want quick access to liquid funds. There is a small rate of return for this investment.

3 Promissory Note is a fixed term deposit product. Members can choose their term: 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. Deposits are received in three currencies to reflect the cash market of Cambodia. Minimum deposit is 200,000 riel and the interest rates are staggered to encourage larger deposits.

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Cambodian Community Savings Federation