Cambodian Community Savings Federation
How we operate   Training plan

CCSF is responsible for the recruitment, training and development of all staff across the CBMIFO network

Employment is one of our key activities to help alleviate poverty. CBMIFOs create employment opportunities that are important in growing financial knowledge and confidence within these communities.

This creates strong, local organisations and facilitates good governance and responsible financial management.



There are two levels of training provided to CBMIFO staff:

Basic Training

Member Service Officers provide coaching and mentoring in the field on a daily basis to CBMIFO staff. This covers operating policy and process, regulations, sales, deliquency management and audit activities.

Advanced Training

CCSF provides regular technical training to CBMIFO staff.

Key topics include:

  • financial decision making
  • management information systems (MIS)
  • credit risk
  • loan delinquency management
  • effective selling techniques
  • internal audit
  • internal control
  • leadership development
  • accounting
  • customer relationship management
  • enabling members to sustainably grow
  • strategic management
  • financial literacy
  • effective monitoring
  • risk management
  • staff performance evaluation
  • effective CBMIFO and Branch management
  • credit unions in the market place
  • importance of savings

    This professional development is a critical way CCSF retains talent and strengthens the community organisations.

    Learn more about current job opportunities.

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